Repair + Prevent
Repair + Prevent
Repair + Prevent

Repair + Prevent

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Formulated by our team of professional research & developers to provide the micronutrients your body needs to optimize soft tissue healing.

Athletes perform repetitive explosive movements that put great strain on their joints and tendons. Repair + Prevent is designed to strengthen your joints to reduce soreness and risk of injuries.

Key Product Features

  • Repair + Prevent contains the key nutrients your body needs to recover after soft tissue sports injuries
  • Supports the healing process for tendinitis, meniscus injuries, grade I & II tendon tears and grade III tears post-op
  • Helps to prevent future injuries by strengthening your joints with the nutrients they require
  • Doctor formulated with clinically backed ingredients manufactured in an FDA-Registered Facility
  • 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase