FAQ | TestMax HD

(Q) Should I Take TestMax HD With Food?

(A) Taking TestMax HD without food typically results in more noticeable results, especially with energy.  Note, taking TestMax HD without food causes stomach upset for some individuals.


(Q) Do I Need to Cycle TestMax HD?

(A) No, TestMax HD does not require cycling.


(Q) Do I Need to Take an Estrogen Blocker With It?

(A) No, TestMax HD is formulated to increase testosterone while decreasing estrogen.


(Q) Will It Help Me Lose Fat?

(A) TestMax HD promotes muscle growth and heightened testosterone, both of which have been shown to increase metabolism and weight loss.  In short, it will aid in weight loss when combined with proper exercise and dieting. 


(Q) What Time of Day Should I Take It?

(A) TestMax HD increases energy and therefore should not be taken late in the day or else it may impede sleep.


(Q) Can I Take TestMax HD With TestMax 1000?

(A) No, TestMax HD and TestMax 1000 both contain zinc and magnesium, taking them together would cause an intake of these ingredients well above their RDA (recommended daily allowance). 


(Q) Are There Any Hormones In TestMax HD

(A) No, TestMax HD is natural testosterone booster meaning it promotes the production of testosterone by your body.


(Q) Will It Increase Libido?

(A) Results vary, but for individuals with low testosterone, a noticeable increase in libido can be expected.


(Q) Is TestMax HD Meant For Young or Older Men?

(A) TestMax HD has been proven to be effective for men of all ages. 


(Q) Will Taking This Show Up On A Drug Test?

(A) No, TestMax HD does not contain any illegal or banned substances.


(Q) How Long Does It Take To See Results?

(A) An increase in energy can be seen after the first dose of TestMax HD, increases in testosterone may take up to 3-weeks.


(Q) Does TestMax HD Cause Dependency?

(A) No, TestMax HD does not cause any dependency.