Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Really Work?


You, like nearly every man, want the benefits that come with higher testosterone levels. Benefits including faster muscle growth, elevated energy, stronger erections, and higher sex drive, just to name a few. But the inevitable question is, do testosterone boosters actually work? I can tell you from personal experience that the right ones certainly do. I have had my testosterone tested before and after 30-days of taking both TestMax 1000 and TestMax HD. With TestMax 1000 I saw a 46% increase in total testosterone (598.5-873.7ng/dL) and with TestMax HD I had a 56% increase in total testosterone (587-918ng/dL) . Results like these are typical from both of these products, which is why they are able to have a 200% money back guarantee if your testosterone isn’t increased by 25% or more. But it is still very common to hear men say testosterone supplements don’t work. The reason for this is fairly simple, formulating a truly effective testosterone booster is difficult. It’s easier to use cheap ineffective ingredients that have years of branding and marketing behind them like Tribulus and D Aspartic-Acid (DAA), combined this with a decent marketing campaign and sales are guaranteed.


Let’s analyze this with a less anecdotal and more scientific approach. If the question is, do testosterone boosters work? Then we can answer this by providing solid evidence and research proving the efficacy of ingredients used in testosterone boosters. So let’s just pick a couple ingredients and look at the research.


Vitamin D is a hormone that is produced by the skin when it is exposed to the UV rays of the sun. In a 1-year long study, researchers found men taking vitamin D saw a 25.2% increase in serum testosterone levels while the placebo group was unchanged. This is a perfect example of how natural testosterone boosters work. They primarily treat nutrient deficiencies that cause a man’s body to not produce testosterone at peak levels. Vitamin D3 is likely so effective because most men are indoors working during mid-day when the sun’s UV rays are highest, and therefore men tend to have low levels of vitamin D3.


Ashwagandha is a natural herb used to reduce cortisol and stress while also increasing testosterone. So let’s look at the research. In an 8-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, with 57 young male subjects (18–50 years old) the group receiving 300mg of Ashwagandha root extract twice daily saw an average increase of 96.2 ng/dL in total testosterone.


Because testosterone boosters primarily work by targeting deficiencies, they will range in efficacy depending on the individual. For some, the results will be life-changing, I’ve received dozens of email from men who have said as much. But for others, the changes will be subtle, it truly just depends on how your body responds to a particular testosterone booster.


There is no debating that natural testosterone boosters do work, the only debate is which supplements work and for whom.

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